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Kitchen remodeling, especially installing new countertops, can be a complicated and stressful task. When kitchen remodeling, removing the old countertop sounds easy enough. It is actually a lot more difficult than most people think. Removing a countertop entails cracking tiles, pulling away from a glued counter, or breaking up a solid slab. Countertops glued directly to cabinets may require a solvent to remove so the cabinets do not get damaged. Many times countertops simply need unscrewing from the cabinets to remove them when kitchen remodeling.


The simplest thing to do when kitchen remodeling countertops is to replace the entire countertop instead of attempting to repair or enhance it.

The first thing to do during kitchen remodeling is to select the type of countertop materials that will replace the old countertop. There are quite a few choices when it comes to kitchen countertops. Carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of each when kitchen remodeling. Keep your budget and personal preference in mind, but also think about resale. You may adore those glittery hot pink counters, but when it comes time to sell your house think about if you will be willing to replace them for a buyer who hates them.

Premade Formica countertops are available at any home store for kitchen remodeling. Formica countertops are fast and easy to install. You just bring them home and fit them onto your cabinets. A little measuring, cutting, screwing, and gluing, and you have new countertops. Formica countertops are the easiest to install yourself, but there is another option when kitchen remodeling, especially if you want solid surface countertops. That is to hire a contractor to install these types of countertops for you.

Solid surface countertops include stone, granite, and marble. These types of countertops are more difficult to install and are best left to an expert when kitchen remodeling. Breaking a solid surface countertop is expensive – especially if you break it yourself. If a contractor breaks your solid surface countertop during installation, they will pay to replace it.

Solid surface countertops are more expensive than simple Formica countertops, but they will last longer. Solid surface countertops are also pretty, adding to the beauty of your kitchen. These countertops may also help your resale price.

Other types of countertops include tile, wood, and concrete. An expert should install these countertops. They have challenges just as with solid surface countertops.

Regardless of the type of countertop, a hole to accommodate the sink is a necessity. If a hole is too large, it cannot be fixed with a wood, solid surface, concrete, or Formica countertop. Tile countertops are a little more forgiving and some mistakes well hidden. After a sink is fitted into the countertop, the sink should be sealed so that water does not seep underneath into the cabinet.

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