Frameless Shower Door Adds A Modern Touch To Your Bathroom

Frameless Shower Door Chevy Chase MD

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There is nothing more modern and sophisticated than a frameless glass shower enclosure.
Whether renovating an existing bathroom, building a brand new bathroom or simply updating the shower enclosure, frameless glass is an excellent option. Showering, as opposed to bathing, saves on water and has become the more popular choice. Once you have decided to go ahead remember that your Frameless Shower Door must be carefully selected.

Frameless Shower Door glass Chevy Chase MD is an excellent choice when considering a supplier as they have vast experience and will be happy to answer all your questions.

There are many varieties of frameless shower doors on the market and some thought should go into the type and style that you desire.
You can choose a clear or tinted glass finish in varying degrees of tint and depth. Decide also whether you want your enclosure to be ceiling height or partition height. This also applies when installing a bath screen.

Frameless Shower Door Glass Chevy Chase MD

Consider how the door will open, to the inside or the outside and also whether it should be hinged on the left or right. This all depends on the space available as well as the position of the shower and where the door will fit while still allowing easy access.

It is not pleasant having to squeeze past a basin, for instance, to gain access to your shower door. Aesthetics are also important as one would like to have a feeling of balance in the bathroom.

It is no good having a huge shower enclosure and then having to feel cramped when trying to towel yourself off.

Ensure that your shower door is constructed with toughened safety glass of appropriate thickness in order to ensure durability and long life.

The door should be well sealed with a shower door seal or threshold. This is mounted below the shower door allowing the water to drain back. A mildew-resistant silicone sealer may also be used in conjunction with this.

Then there are the hardware options. These are usually offered in various finishes such as chrome, brass, copper, nickel, antique brushed finish or even acrylic. Handles, known as pull handles, can be tubular, square or round for instance and also come in different sizes.

Hinges can be pivot mount, glass to glass mount, self-closing or panel mount. There are also support bars to consider. These bars stabilize the fixed panels and no holes are needed as the brackets can be mounted. Besides the finish, they also come in various colors. Other hardware necessities include hinges, clamps and brackets which are all specially designed for the frameless shower door.

Installation manuals are available in book or video format. These are perfect for the do it yourself fans who love to take on a project.

shower1 A Frameless Shower Door Adds A Modern Touch To Your BathroomOnce you have your frameless shower and door installed, you may want to accessorize with towel bars or rails or mounted soap and shampoo dispensers.

A shower squeegee is also a handy tool for ensuring perfect clean glass.

The squeegee hangs attractively on a designed suction hook that installs easily without having to drill holes into the wall.


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